Unique Ways to Celebrate Diwali with a Difference

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Unique Ways to Celebrate Diwali with a Difference


Diwali, a festival of light, is just around the corner. It is one of the mammoth festivals that is celebrated in this world. Diwali festival creates an atmosphere of joy all around. Every people have their different Diwali celebration ideas. Diwali is celebrated when Lord Rama defeats the evil spirit Ravana and returns to his home after getting triumphant. It signifies the triumph of good, hope, and truth over evil, bad, and lying.

In the modern area, celebrating Diwali without polluting the environment has become a major concern. As to younger kids, it may seem fun while they crack fireworks in Diwali, but this activity has major consequences on our environment. It becomes difficult for one to breathe in such an environment. It is seen that in the passion of celebrating Diwali, we all forgot to take care of our nature. During Diwali, we all witness energy and food wastage, plastic packaging, and cracker debris litter all over the streets. Many older people and animals suffer from anxiety attacks.

These are several conventional ways to celebrate Diwali, but why not try something new this year? Here are some unique Diwali celebration ideas to help you experience the festival in a new way:

1. Using Earthenware rather than plastic ware

We should opt for things which are made from mud and clay. As it is more organic, biodegradable, traditional, and beautiful. We should choose things made from earthen. Although Diwali is a festival of lights, we see those bright lights and lampstands made from cheap plastic once we step into the market. Selecting traditional earthenware also reduces the cost that has to be spent on electricity. It will reduce the cost and consumption of electricity, thus making the environment green.

Earthenware also makes the meals more tantalizing by serving it the old customary and eco-accommodating way – instead of plates and glasses use banana leaves and earthen glasses.

2. Avoid Using Firecracker

This Diwali celebration idea is the most efficient way to reduce the load on the environment. Avoid wasting your money on silly firecrackers. It is almost like you are burning your money. Firecrackers have a serious effect on air quality levels. It is seen that a huge layer of smog is developed in the atmosphere. Besides that, pollutants related to firecrackers make it difficult for anyone to breathe.

The loud noises and blinding blazes likewise give serious mental attacks to creatures and birds. However, if you usually do not celebrate Diwali without firecrackers, opt for those who are eco-friendly. Avoiding Firecrackers will be a little step towards making our environment clean and green.

3. Make Rangoli from Eco-friendly Colour

Colorful Rangoli is the heart of the Diwali Festival. We cannot say that we are celebrating a festival without making rangoli. However, instead of using harmful artificial colors, we should opt for colors made from organic things like rice and pulses. You can also use colors made from flower petals like marigolds, roses, and mogra. The terrific South Indian ‘kolam’ and Bengali ‘alpana’ made with rice glue are incredible choices. It will make your environment safe and enhance the beauty of rangoli, which you don’t get from artificial coloring.

4. Diwali D’s Stand for Donation

Living your precious moments with less privileged and poor people can only make your day better. Donating happiness by giving money, food, clothes, books, and medicines is a much better way than celebrating it with firecrackers.

Visit Orphanages, Old-Age Homes, and Ngo’s to spend some time with homeless people. Make them feel that they can also celebrate this festival, enlightening in them the feeling of hope. Every year Diwali enlightens our lives and fills them with joy and happiness. Light diyas, appropriate gifts, and desserts spread euphoria and go through some cheerful minutes with them.

5. Diwali Party Celebration Ideas

Celebrate your Diwali with less privileged people. Manage a happy Diwali cake for them, and cutting it along with it will make them feel special. While we regularly plan supper or lunch for our friends and family, what about facilitating a gathering for orphan youngsters. The grins on their appearances won’t just light up your day yet will remain with you all as the year progresses. This Diwali party idea will make their day, and it will be your best Diwali of all time. Mark my words.


So the main aim of the individual in this Diwali should be to focus on the environment and less privileged people. You should try to make their life a little bit better this Diwali. Along with that, you should do more organic things to ensure a safe and environmentally friendly Diwali.

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